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Gaunt Industries, Inc – Roxanne Glue Baste– manufacturing the original Precision Applicator for over fifty years. Serving hobbyists, plastic craftsmen, artists, machine operators, and other industries Worldwide. With a commitment to quality we supply products for fine oiling, painting, greasing, and cementing.

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INDUSTRY FEATURE- Artists - Acrylic Paint

Our customers love how versatile our products are, and how many different ways there are to use them. One of the most common uses for our precision applicators is creating fine lines with acrylic paint to make beautiful art like in the painting shown below.


This painting, Inner Peace, was created by a customer named Brenda Morgado. She is seen using the HYPO-490 Gaunt Industries applicator to add intricate details to her work. Inner Peace- Brenda Morgado The Making of Inner Peace- Brenda Morgado Read some feedback from our customers who love using our applicators for acrylic paint: "My hobby is mixed media painting and I use these to put acrylic ink in to be able to "draw" with the ink. They work really really well. I own about a dozen and they are perfect for my needs." - Susan "These bottles are great for acrylic writing, I put acrylic paint in it and some water and I have fluid fine lines." -LoFi


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